Thursday, January 08, 2009

if they made more like this, they wouldn't have problems

I have plenty of opinions to go around about cars and carmakers.

But I have been remiss in the past to mention the two American cars that I have crushes on. I will never buy these cars, because they don't make any sense for a mother of two to drive, and I don't have tens of thousands of $ to waste, but here they are...

The Dodge Challenger
It's the muscle car that I secretly want. It's all the 70's machismo of a pair of aviator sunglasses and a mustache, but with today's safety features...and power windows (?)
I saw one in a parking lot the other day, and it totally made me stop and take a second look. It was even white, which usually I think is a pretty bad choice for a car color, but it looked really cool.

The Ford Thunderbird
No, not this one. {{{shudder}}}
Ford stopped producing this model 4 years ago. I never felt they marketed it properly. Like it was treated like a specialty boutique car. Kinda like the Chevy SSR.
Hey, but here's a novel idea, car manufacturing geniuses: make the cool cars for everyone to buy, and then you might sell them!

It's like American car makers make some good cars. But then they sell them for too much money. If VW Beetles and MINI's were 40 grand, they wouldn't sell any either. But duh, they sell them for the same price as an Impala, and wow- um, easy choice there.

From the news, I can't tell if we're "bailing" them out or not,
but I'd like to be a consultant to help them with their sales model.

While I'm on the topic of domestic disappointment, have I mentioned the Volt?
If so, I'm bringing it concept car>production car horror back up:

Good. Great. Totally want it.

Crap. Absolute failure.

Who did that?!
Who made that call?!

Forget a bailout, fire that guy.


czstout said...

nice :)

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday!!! What'd ya do?

Anonymous said...

you would have loved my cars in high school (t-bird,two '65 mustangs, and sister N had a '58 Impala..all the guys Iknew drove the Chargers and El Camino's...loved the sound of those cars...