Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Tuesday

Happy Inauguration Tuesday, America!

Hey look at us at the beach in January.
Sorry eastern seaboard, these housing prices pay off right about now.

I think she's explaining something to Daddy while he's taking this pic.
She's always "explaining" something.

And here she's saying "cheese" to her bucket.

This cute little girl showed up right before we were leaving.
He was magnetized to her. Her mom took the group picture of us seen above.

Little beverage between sand castle rounds.

I'm not sure what's going on here.

Me in my new cut-offs and him in his french couture shirt.

Moms reading this will probably recognize this contraption.
It's a foot powered foam rocket launcher.
It belonged to this family near us that frankly made me a little tense.
But they let us, and 3 other kids play with it too.
That fun lasted a long long time. Long enough for me to chill on my blanket for a bit.

I usually go to Capitola Beach because it has decent bathrooms and they're nearby.
On Sunday, the bathrooms were closed and they had set out porta potties.
And there was a surfing competition going on, so the potties were well-used.
Yikes yikes.
Kid C wanted nothing to do with the porta potties.
So I convinced her to pee in the rocks to the side of the beach.
They're really big rocks, more like boulders.
She did fine peeing and then about 5 minutes afterwards she tripped over one that was peeking out of the sand and really scraped herself up.
Here in the photo she's showing me all 4 owies.
Thanks to the nice British owner of Cafe Violette who gave us bandaids, she got patched up right away and also got a little ice cream cone to calm her down.

I made this little video with iMovie of the beach trip too.


ro said...

I like C's pic when she's in your lap with her glasses and bandaid on stomach. I'm totally jealous of the beach fun. Scout would just be in heaven. We went to Christy's yesterday at the lake, and Scout said "we can get a surfboard and a mask." Yeah, I told her maybe that would work better at the ocean. Texas up-bringing comes out.

Devon said...

yep, makes you forget all about those dang mortgage payments!! ;o)