Monday, January 05, 2009

HGTV meets Animal Planet

We were researching domestic ducks tonight and I don't know if we'll ever act on it, but look!

Apparently they're only like 4 dollars each and they lay eggs like chickens-- only way cuter. I like the white ones but Kevin thinks the colored ones are cooler.

We'd put in the koi pond (we already have the shell waiting in the sideyard) and buy a doghouse for them to roost in. We already have the area on the side of the house that is fenced off as the "poop garden" for the dogs so it would work nicely to have them live in the poop garden. Especially since they'll do alot of pooping on their own.

The only part that's a problem I see is the bedding issue. You gotta put new hay down every other day and of course they need to be fed and watered. :/


Anonymous said...

we had a few ducks for our garden when I was little. they were great. they ate the snails and bugs and fertilized the ground at the same time! not to mention that they were fun to chase around too :)

Devon said...

how fun would that be??

you might need a coop too - my grandparents had ducks and kept them safely locked up at night. raccoons can be a real problem.

pkillur said...

The question is - would you actually EAT them ever?

Charlie said...

I wouldn't eat them even though if there's duck at a restaurant I will totally order it.
I eat pork too, but if I had a pet pig, I couldn't eat it either.
However, that is the idea on those sites, they talk alot about how the meat tastes! Too weird!

Oh, can you see *me* butchering an animal?, no way.