Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Tuesday


Yes, Kid C is had her first ballet class this week. She is over the moon! Which is good, because it was the crux of the motivation for potty training, and I can continue to bluff leverage with the class.

Below are photos I took right before we left the house. The new tutu (she now has four) is from Auntie Sandi, the unitard and tights are from Dianne, and the real-deal ballet shoes I picked up from Salvation Army months and months ago, just because they were like 99 cents or something crazy and I thought maybe they'd fit her later. Score!

She's starting to really look like a kid nowadays. And when we went to the zoo today, it was nice to have someone to talk to. She can really hold a conversation and makes "jokes." Sometimes they're intentional and sometimes they're not, but she cracks me up.

Baby R on the other hand, not so conversational, but he has a few more words. I use the term "words" loosely.

He can say:
"momo" = Mojito
"ma" = more
"yesh" = yes
"unh" = uh-huh (this is the more popular affirmative, and interestingly enough is the Japanese word for "yeah." He's bilingual! ;) )
"no" = no **very popular** (and often it also actually means yes)
"Dada" = Daddy
"Momma" = yours truly
"off" = down, out, get me off, put me down, turn it off
"goad" = goat
"moo" = cow
"ott" = hot OR cold
"up-pah" = pick me up **very popular**
"gtah-gtaah" = guitar, and he always says it doublely that way
"go" = I want to go, make the dogs go away
"eh-kah" = helicopter
"apple" = airplane
"dowg" = dog
"ooosh" = juice
"nana" = food (but not banana)
"Ovive" = Olive (the cat)

Speaking of "Ovive," she's really turned into an asset in the house. Before, as you know, I wanted to back over her with the car and make it appear like an accident.
But now, Baby R *ADORES* her.
If he's really upset or crying, finding the cat instantly snaps him out of it. He pets her nicely and gives her hugs and follows her around cooing at her. It's very cute.
So now I can't hate her.
Because I think she likes him back and maybe in her own cat way, this is apologizing for peeing in his room (multiple times!)

But yeah, Baby R can't say Kid C's name, no matter how hard to try to get him to say it.
He says her name in a variation of Dada, it's like "DehDeh" and same with Grandma is "DahDaw."

He can't really say please or thank you, but he makes random syllables in the right tone and speed as if he were saying please and/or thank you. And he can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, with random syllables, but he really knows the song, and sings it all the time to himself. Very cute.

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ro said...

laughed a many points in this post. good stuff. I can't wait to visit. Scout has been bringing up visiting the beach lots. And, she will also give thanks to "charlie" for random the new tights she was wearing today. ha.