Friday, April 03, 2009

CSI Fashion Victims Unit

I saw on Yahoo's homepage that a new UK store was opening it's first cross-pond store in NYC this week. And there was something about it being some sort of recession-friendly store.

I went to their TopShop site, and it's not. It's totally dumb.

And let's be honest, I rarely even pay 25.00 for a dress. If I pay 25 for a dress, it had better come with 10 dollar bill in the pocket. 

I bought a dress today at GoodWill for 9.99 and I kind of felt like I was paying too much.

I mean honestly, RuPaul would probably put this back.

It caters to that annoying NYLON magazine demographic. The young, wealthy, trust-funders that live in big cities go to silly parties and never have real jobs. Very annoying. Total drivel.
(I know too much about them because I got a subscription to that magazine for free, thinking that it was more like a Glamour magazine or a Lucky magazine. But it's totally not.)

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