Monday, April 13, 2009

5 yr anniversary trip?

We watched the Mythbusters Shark Special last night and even though the cold northern Pacific waters are just chock full of sharks, the mythbusting team travelled to Bermuda to conduct most of the experiments.

And watching the show made me want to go to Bermuda.

So I looked up how much it would cost to fly there, say, for our 5 year anniversary later this year, and it turns out, it's only 216.00 per person. I mean, that's cheaper than my flight to TX was. Crazy.

And then I thought "well hell, maybe the whole Caribbean is my oyster, maybe I should look at other islands?" Because the price of the hotels there per night is comparable to the price of the plane tickets.
I just want a hut with a swamp cooler, really. Because during the day, I would rather be at a spa or at the beach. I don't need 300 thread count sheets or anything.
But then I don't want to go to a country where I need to fear being kidnapped, like Jamaica or Mexico, or whatever.

I'm not sure, but I'm slightly obsessed with the idea. And if I book the tickets, I think I might eat rice cakes for the next 4 months in preparation. ;)

P.S. I am also working feverishly to get my mom on the Mexico mission trip next week. Yes I said next week. I'm crazy like a fox. It's getting final approval and then she can book her ticket. Those that pray- please pray.

UPDATE: I looked up other locations, and they are not as cheap as Bermuda. And two funny quotes from Kid C in the backyard just now (to Baby R while playing pretend "Mexico Doctor") ""dont ever touch a girl who has arms that aren't working" and "go make some more peas in your peamaker!" That last one sounds like an insult.


Mama Bree said...

whooo!! Bermuda sounds AWESOME and if you go you TOTALLY have to tell me how the trip was since I'd love to go somewhere like that soon - esp. if it's that cheap!! :)

ENJOY the dreaming and planning. I love thinking about all the cool new places to jet set off to. Until Jon kills my ideas, that is. ;-)

ro said...

love kid quotes