Monday, April 13, 2009

still scheming

Again, I must preface my crazy ideas with, this probably won't happen. But, now we've moved our destination possibility to Kauai. I mean, I still want Caribbean, but on paper, it looks like Kauai might work better for us. It's all still a hazy fantasy.

However-- if we *did* go to Kaua'i, I have already decided that despite the trip being a celebration of our marriage to one another, there will be at least one day of the trip where he gets to go deep sea fishing and I will drive around the island on a scooter.

And in all likelihood, he will sit and read a book and I will go get a massage at least one other day--

--That's the difficult thing about he and I on vacation. We want completely opposite things from a vacation. Snorkling and sailing are the only things we have ever shared happiness in. Otherwise, we drive each other crazy with what we want to do.
So IF we do go on a trip, I am going to try to learn from all of our previously disastrous vacations together and make it so that no one flares his/her nostrils at his/her spouse. That probably means horseback riding will get nixed. I wonder if he'll let me go by myself on that too.


Laura $ said...

kauai was the MOST amazing place i have ever been. EVER. MOST. AMAZING. PLACE. EVER. go there!

megan g said...

I am sure you have had lots of alternative suggestions, but I thought I'd throw this in there: Belize (specifically Ambergris Caye). Ryan and I went there with a couple from California (Mountain View, in fact) in early January, and had a wonderful time. It's only a 3 hr flight from Dallas (really!), and the other couple has family in Dallas, so they stayed a day or two extra in Dallas on their way back to northern California. I don't recall it being all that expensive, and their official language is English. Good snorkeling, very relaxing. Didn't feel touristy.

Samantha P.M. said...

Um...I may have to veto the deep sea fishing...a lot of Hawaii's fisheries are not doing so yes, that includes recreational ones...sigh. Why not parasailing? THAT looks like fun.

ro said...


Just go to alaska. Heck, you can fish your heart out there! Train rides and Moose. What more do you need. Warm water is so overrated.