Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Tuesday

Kevin banged the camera a few times and got it to upload the photos. Hooray.

Easter package from GiGi! Woo!

This is his favorite book. Grandma and Papa Thayer got it for him for the ride out to TX in February, and I didn't know we had left it until GiGi mailed it back. Oh the splendor of the Planes book. (This one is a close second or tie, because it has 3 pictures of helicopters.)

Kid C got this dress from GiGi, just in time for the Easter egg hunt. She put it on right away.

This was our Palm Sunday family activity. Egg decorating. I blew out the insides of a bunch of eggs and then got some spray glue and glitter and let them decorate. And then Kid C and I made the golden tree and strung ribbons through the eggs to hang them. I didn't take photos of any of that taking place, but...

...I did take pictures a few days later when we dyed eggs the old fashioned way and then ate them for lunch.

All looked like it was going well and then--

--yep, he spilled his dye. Oh well, time to eat the eggs.

When I ask them to say "cheese", they end up just saying it in any direction.
I've started asking them to say "ham sandwich" instead.

Can you tell what they are waiting for?...

...It's an eternity when you're at a birthday party...

...and the cake is sitting there on the table, but it's not time to eat it yet.
It's a discipline tester for sure. This was a little birthday we hit before the big egg hunt.

And here we are. Dressed cute and ready for egg snagging action.

We each had our spring colored knit cardigans. What's an egg hunt in the park without a pastel sweater and a ruffled dress?


pkillur said...

Haha, the picture of dying eggs is cute where R spilled the dye. Our youngest guy helped us dye eggs this year (he wasn't quite 2 last year and was sleeping I think). After we brought them out of the fridge he grabbed one and chucked it towards the wall.

me - "WHAT are you DOING?!?!"
M - "I breaked the shell to eat it"
me- "Don't breaked the wall to eat it either - use the table - it's less gross and closer"
M - "OK. I like to throw things"
me- "Yeah, buddy, I know... Oh I know..."

ro said...

Cricket looks like an elementary kid in that pic of her in the dress! Wow. They need to stop growing because I'm not going to get out there before they lose their first tooth at this rate. Anyway, great Easter documentation.