Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the cut rate re-upholster

UPDATE: ah ha, here it is, Harts is not really to blame.

About 3 years ago we bought these chairs (and the table) off a couple in Fremont vis a vis Craigslist. I only recovered 4 of the six chairs, mostly because I ran out of steam, but also for a few technical reasons.
And those two that didn't get recovered, they got crustier and crustier because they were the kids' chairs. I was mortified anytime that an adult sat on one by mistake.

So Kid C and I recovered them. She really did help. She sat on the chair while I screwed it in, like a weight pushing down on it.

Now when yogurt gets dribbled onto the chair pad, I can wipe it off easily.

I got the material from Hart's in Santa Cruz, although I'm slightly peeved about the purchase of the "oilcloth."
I paid about what I would have to buy it online, but since I was already there in town, I thought I'd get it in person. However, when I inspected it closely at home, I saw that they had just taken regular cotton fabric and "laminated" it with clear contact paper. And that's not an exageration, it's really clear contact paper on top. Hello, I could do that. Annoying.
But it is a cute pattern, I just hope it holds up like the real stuff.

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GiGi said...

Great upholstry job!! Love the print.