Tuesday, April 07, 2009

my professional life quote

This set of lines goes thru my head all the time, when I'm working on stuff. It's the nature of the job, and even though Hanks' character is an architect, I feel it's the same issue.

"She's on her sixth painter. And now
she wants the fireplace rebricked.

- I know her. I could call her.
- I'll just hit her with a brick.

That's so funny. You're so funny.

When she wants something done
she says: "You know best."

"But couldn't we flip the house
so the back is in front?"

"Put the front on a hinge so I can
get in with a garage door opener."

- "Yes, we can. We'll just ..."
- "Move the cabinets."

I've been moving alot of cabinets lately.

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Anonymous said...

love sleepless in seattle!