Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Baby Tuesday

These are the photos that I meant to post last week. But just pretend they're fresh out of the oven.

Kid C really loves ballet, as you all know, but Baby R doesn't want to miss out on any fun. Even if it involves a tutu. So from time to time, they both put on their tutus and dance. This time it was in the vegetable garden, with pea pods in hand.

Aforementioned pea pod.

Ballet and peas = exercise and greens.

Believe me, he asked me to put it on him.
But he only wears the black one, and honestly, he never keeps it on longer than 5 minutes.
I think he knows it's on the girly side.

Dirt face.

I encourage the dancing. I mean, he bites and hits and tackles- it all balances out.

Sunday's family activity last week was releasing ladybugs that we bought from the nursery.
If you've never done it, it's good clean family fun.
And they eat all your aphids off your plants, so, win-win.

I don't know if you can see here, but Mojito had ladybugs on his head.
They were everywhere. If it was any other kind of bug, it would be gross.
But they're cute, so it's like live-confetti.

I told Kevin to take a picture of me and the kids since there are so many of him and them and hardly any of me.
And this is what he took.
I'm just sayin'.

They liked climbing on us more than the rosebushes.

be free!

I have no idea why I took these photos. But it's Tuesday, let's put 'em out.

Yep, no idea.

Baby R likes to boogie. He likes to get down.

Kevin was invited to a "green data center" conference, or something like that, that was held at the California Academy of Sciences. And everyone who came got a free family pass for a visit to the museum.
Which is awesome, because it's way too expensive to go there otherwise.

Like a science see-saw...that I was sure Baby R was going to injure himself on somehow.

Here the kids are having fun with a device meant to depress everyone about how much carbon we all produce and how much we have to change our behavior to do anything about it.

Yeah, you get the point.

On bottom floor there's an aquarium.
And Baby R loves "issshhh."

He's blurry, but wow, look at that fish behind him. Wacky.

Crowd-pleasing giganta-fish**
(**real names have been changed)

The taxidermied dioramas were definitely my favorite.
And yes, they are more sideshow/freakshow than science.
Although I wanted to not bring up the fact that the animals were dead and stuffed, Kid C worked it out of me.
And then after I explained it, as nicely as I could, she kept asking how each animal we saw "got dead."
As in "Oh Lions. How did these lions get dead?" It cracked me up and then I had to say something like "maybe they got sick or got hit by a car."
Instead of "some scientists use guns and kill the animals so they can stuff them and stick them in these boxes."

The misters in the Africa Hall.

And these were live penguins, not dead and stuffed.
But you can't see them-- too bright!

Galapagos Tortoises mounted to the wall. Just like in nature.

And the jewel in the museum's crown: the albino alligator.
This thing, I gotta say, was cool.


It's like Where's Waldo, but with Kevin.
Where's Kevin? Can you find him in the picture?


ro said...

Holy moly, that was a lot of post. I LOVE the tu-tu video with the kids. I laughed. I like your explanation of your son in a tu-tu as well. Good stuff. All the cool museum and lady bug stuff is greatness too. Miss you CAnuts.

Mom said...

Ransom will LOVE you showing the tutu photo say when he's a teenager(NOT)! Still a great photo and all of them are, of course, GREATNESS.