Friday, April 24, 2009

cleaning feels like I finished a marathon

I used my two hours of kid-freedom today to clean out their dirty-dog rooms.
And I feel so much better! You'd think I lived in there.
It helped motivate me hearing a talk this morning about boundaries at MOPS.
I had cleaned last night, the living room and Kevin did the kitchen.
And then I got pumped and cleaned out baby stuff out of Baby R's room (indirectly to make way for a real bed for him). And then I just had to put all of Kid C's crap back where it goes. She is just like me, she can tear a room up in no time.

I'm almost done with a mural on the wall you can't see. But I won't show it until I'm done.

The walker, the portacrib, and the box of bibs and other random stuff is OUT!
That little kitchen is going out soon too, I just have to decide whether to send it by Greyhound to Kevin's brother, or to take it to the MOPS-Swap.

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ro said...

yea! Rooms look great. So rewarding for ... a little while. Good thing you took pictures! And, see if Grandpa Phil can smuggle back the kitchen!!