Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Tuesday

We had a big day at the beach with Grandpa Phil this morning. Complete with dumping sand in food, getting in the water with clothes on, and tantrums when we left. I didn't take any photos, because there wasn't a moment I could have safely pulled the camera out.
Anyway, that's why Baby Tuesday is a tidge late today.

Every Monday after lunch, while Baby R naps, it's "cooking time" with Kid C and me. Yesterday, Baby R didn't sleep becaue Kid C was such a blabbermouth in the hallway outside of his room along with Mojito barking his cabeza off out back.
So he got to join in the fun, and this is what happened:

Chocolate cupcake mayhem.

It was funny, so I let them smear chocolate frosting on each other.

He wasn't happy about being cleaned off later. Not..one...bit.

Earlier in the week on a cleaner day, the kids helped harvest vegetable from the garden.
This was the highlight of their week. Way more than the cupcakes.

she's "got the beat" er beet, and he has one of the many artichokes.
It's NorCal, we're all about artichokes.

He's actually looking at the camera, otherwise this isn't the best pic.

And at eBay, it was Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Woo! They make a big deal out of it, even in the recession. Morale is key, I guess.

And we stood in line for Kid C to get her face painted. Even though I told myself I could paint her face any day I wanted to, I knew that that was the equivalent of "no you can't have a slurpee, we have drinks at home."

A friend of mine joked that she was ready for the commune now, with the rainbow and all, and her name being what it is, and that she never wears shoes, the list goes on and on.
If someone made me a good commune offer, I might just take them up on it, y'know.

Daddy's soccer field has been transformed in to a fair.
I like it better this way. I'll take a jumphouse over a game of soccer anyday.

Captain Underpants and his partner Chiquita Chonies!

Yes, I gave the underwear a test drive to see if he was one of those potty-prodigies I hear about.
He wasn't, he peed in them about 30 min later.

This spiderman-bath-science-lab was given to Baby R for his birthday.
But he's been on a "NO BATH!" streak for a couple of weeks now, and I brought it out to sweeten the deal.
He didn't take the bait, and once Kid C saw it, I couldn't put it away again. So I let her play with it.
She love love loved it.



Laura $ said...

this is my favorite baby tuesday ever!

ro said...

those artichokes look delish. So, phil hit the beach and got to be part of the action?? Nice.
Fun to see your kids: yes to commune. No to frosting smear. We miss you guys.

ro said...

And I love that u died c's hair!
You guys are nutty and I love it!