Friday, October 06, 2006

at least I'm telling you it's a boy.

But Kevin said we should draw out the name game for a few more days. (He has a frustrated inner blogger.)

So here are all the reasons the girls names weren't picked, and the name we would have used if it had been a girl. (which it's not, it's a boy, did I mention it was a boy? I did, it's a boy):

Ruby- I asked Kevin about 5 times if he was sure he didn't like this name, over the past few months. He insists that he doesn't like it. I think it's cute, especially if she has red hair.

Cora- Kevin has a distant relative named Cora, and he liked it. Sorry, I think it's a frumpy girls name. 'Makes me think of spinning yarn and making porridge.

Pascale- I liked this name alot, because it's a name that means Easter in French. It's also a science reference. But she would have to repeat it and spell it everytime she met someone. I know what that's like. Plus, it's French. And we're not.

Zipper(Zipporah)- If Kevin had said yes, I think I really would have gone with this one. It's both Biblical (Moses' wife's name) and cute at the same time. Kevin said it sounded like Sapporo (as in the Japanese beer).

Honeybee- The only problem with this name is that, along with her sister, we would have two girls named after insects. And it's not like we're entmologists or anything. It's a bit too much. Plus, if she wanted to be serious lawyer or kick-fighter, she'd have to go by "Bee," I guess. But dang, isn't that a cute name?

Adenine- I've covered why this name didn't make my cut. (No molecules!)

Elka- Can she be anything but tall and pretty with a name like that? Problem is, we're not Scandanavian.

Indigo- Also a little "tree-in-the-wind" for me. This was almost Baby C's middle name.

June- This is the counterpart to Henry, as in too traditional. I like it. BUT if the baby was due in June, I might have done it. (I know there are plenty of Aprils, May's, June's and Autumn's out there whose birthday's don't fall during those months, but that never made sense to me.)

Tigerlily- I always thought my daughter would be named Tigerlily, ever since I heard of the late Michael Hutchins (of INXS fame) naming his daughter that, after the indian princess in Peter Pan. But it's FOUR syllables and I don't like the name Lily on it's own. And people would probably call her that. So it got cut, despite years of determination that I would use it.

Although she doesn't remember, I think my mom suggested this name during the last pregnancy and then I thought it was too "tree-in-the-wind." However with this pregancy, I was determined to have the girl's name end in "o." I didn't like Cleo, or Rosario, or Sappho, or any other I found except Echo. And it started growing on me. It's unique, it's actually a name from Greek Mythology, and it's easy to spell and say. I even found a 21yr old (very normal and intelligent and not a hussy) with that name on MySpace and asked her how she liked it, did it ever bring her grief growing up? And she exclaimed "no! I love my name. I have never wanted to change it. There was always someone who said 'hey, Echo Echo,' but that's it."

p.s. Our sonogram guy like a comedian. He cracks jokes the whole time. He's been doing it for like 20 years, and he's never been wrong (so I have no fear buying blue). Poor Baby C fell and skinned her shin minutes before it was our turn to go in, so Kevin had to hold her outside until we were ready with a verdict.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Charlie, Kevin must be so happy!! So am I... I love little boys!! And he will be so cute!!

Aunt D

rollerskater said...

aw! i can't wait to send some great boy clothes to baby ______!

congrats, you guys! :)

sister celtic said...

congrats uncle george and aunt anne... please don't call him henry but whatever...biblical names rule...

sister celtic said...

do you need any boy clothes? matthew sends aidens to me and they are gorgeous worn once or new... let me know!