Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Baby Tuesday

Got one! I finally took a picture of Kevin in which he looks fatter than he is! It's usually me who gets that honor. Btw, this is her bathroom game of sticking her little fingers into the drawers that have safety latches on them to see what she can pull out. It's usually hair ties, bobby pins or makeup. Posted by Picasa

Bottom teeth brushing, fun. Upper teeth brushing, torturous. Posted by Picasa

Since I can't say no to these things, another church contacted me to redesign a local elementary's playground. I had to go back to take some photos and the family came with me. Here she is making a mad dash for the playground equipment. She loves swings and slides-- alot.


ro said...

thanks for making my tuesday babyish.

G$ said...

For future use, I hope you are making a portfolio of all your designing and redesigning. Also, all the graphic designing you have been doing on blogs et. They will be impressive by the time you venture out into the work-world again.

G$ said...

I love the playground clips. Cricket knows what she wants and how to get it!