Friday, October 20, 2006

only slightly downward spiral

During this pregancy, I have hardly been hungry at all. Suddenly it occurs to me "oh I need to eat."
The problem is, eating kills my momentum.

Like right now, it's 12:30, I should eat lunch, especially because all I ate for breakfast was half a bagel, 6 grapes and 2 slices of banana nut bread (scavenged from the MOPS snack table).

But I really want to start on my meat chart murals in the kitchen!

If I eat now, it'll take 15 to put it together, 15 more to eat it, and then I'll have post-meal lack of motivation. And then the baby will wake up.

This happens everyday.

If I wasn't incubating another life, I would forgo eating until tasks were accomplished!


Charlie said...


I made a big salad, and then the baby woke up. So she ate some, and then wanted to go outside.
The dogs stayed inside and ate my salad.

Sam said...

I have a cure....Iguana's is back baby...NACHO FRIES