Monday, October 16, 2006

I waited two weeks to really get to down to business designing this playground, and of course I've been up for hours past my bedtime tonight, trying to make the deadline. I have mixed feelings about it, I mean the playground as it is, isn't terrible. But some dead guy left 20K that he wanted to go to the school, or maybe the playground, I dunno, it's very odd, but they have the means and the manpower to do it now, so I'm lending a hand. They wanted to put one of those new humongous playstructures next to the old one, but as you can see, I rejected that idea. I included the things I liked (tunnels and swings), and some cool new things that they make now (giant climbing rock and a mobius strip you can climb. Also I guess state regulations say that we have to use this certain kind of mulchy-chippy-fibery-pulp stuff, which requires a retaining wall of sorts. They are the Los Paseos Panthers, so I hope to make it look like fossilized panther tracks pressed into the wall. Here's hoping the "concrete finishers" they said they had can handle that. Posted by Picasa

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pkillur said...

Dude! That mobius thing is COOL!