Sunday, October 08, 2006

oops, skipped a day

My intention had been to reveal an incorrect baby name each day, but I missed yesterday, so I'll do two today.

Clive- CS (Clive Staples) Lewis is my favorite author. It's a intelligent English name. But Kevin said "no way."

Lucky- It's cute right? And how can you not like a guy named Lucky? But Kevin said "no." I wasn't surprised.


Today's booty!:

I love having a legitimate reason to shop! I had to sift through all the baseball, yu gi-o and oakland raiders boys stuff to find these little jewels. Note the velvet blazer!


rollerskater said...

you got the blazer! awesome. can i borrow it until ______ is big enough? hehe, kidding.

lucky is cute, but it was a name of a kid on general hospital.

Jenna said...

Velvet blazer! Now you need some short pants to go with it, for that Little Lord Fauntleroy look :)

A boy! Exciting! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

So cute! We have a 2 month old nephew now, and Brandon keeps trying to buy him toys which are fun, but wildly inappropriate age-wise. Like an enormous pirate ship playset that said "Ages 5 and up!"

Perhaps I will send thim to the clothing department instead.