Thursday, October 19, 2006

if the whole world was a registry

I have found a number of things while wandering around during the day that cannot be registered for, and I must share them, they are fabulous baby items:

Coonskin Cap (I promise I won't let him wear it until he's 12 and carry a musket, Rollerskater :) )

The Driving Cap
Nothing says sophistacation like a drooling baby in a english wool cap.

MAMMUT wardobe from IKEA

It looks like it came straight out of Tiny Toons.

Jeero the Ugly Doll
Perfect doll for a boy.


pkillur said...

That Jeero doll is awesome. Forget the boys, I might buy one for myself!

But, I'd let them play with it.


KAI said...

That's the ugly doll I wanted to buy for Kai, but I never did!! Get it!! Get it!! The baby will love it!