Friday, October 27, 2006

my circadian clock needs a new battery

All the baby building chemicals have been messing with my mind.
For the past few days I have been wide awake, brain racing at 3AM but at 3PM my only will is to find a find a big piece of chocolate cake and watch Oprah.
Luckily I got enough done this morning to make up for these next couple of hours of estrogen time.

UPDATE: 12:39AM Motivation has sunk even lower. After the dogs did a kitty litter raid while I was gone this morning, and subsequently were "ill" all over the carpet this afternoon, I had to call an emergency carpet cleaner to rescue us from the filth this evening. All of my big to-do's: critically injured.
For those interested in the minutiae of my life, I have two science-fair-quality posterboards (in addition to the 5 I've already done), one landscape aerial view, dozens of tiny cards to print and cut out and retype 6 PDF wrap sheets. All of this is concerning the house makeovers, btw. Last night at 3:30AM I had to take an hour long bath to relax and not think about all of our crazy deadlines. Help, send cake.

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Anonymous said...

i remember those days well.