Sunday, October 15, 2006

so if you hadn't already figured it out

Henry- A bit too traditional, but it's my favorite old timey name.

Our favorite singer/songwriter/rocker is Rhett Miller. But his given name is Stuart Ransom Miller. He mentions it in one of his songs and while we were listening to it one day I said "that's it! Ransom! that's the coolest name I can think of!" Kevin agreed and it stuck. And yes, it is a real name.


G$ said...

Maybe Ransom is a "family" name for him? Are there any cool family names you might ponder?

G$ said...

Names I might use are Vincent, John(not unique,but a good name), Richard(can go by Rich, Richie, Rick, or the infamous Dick), Cade(starts with a C, one syllable, easy to say, Rich works with a guy by that name), Other C names: Carl, Cole, Cale, Cuz, Coda, or good old Chris.

Charlie said...

See Mom, this is why we didn't tell people his sister's name until she was born becacuse people say "no, don't do that."
Ransom is going to be his name, that's all she wrote.

G$ said...

I was just putting my B.S. out there. You know there are going to be people who voice their opinions either pro or con, but they are just opinions. All is well! Love, Mom