Thursday, October 12, 2006

some people wish they were in the NFL, I wish I were a facepainter

The best part about going to the state fair when I was a kid was getting my face painted. I wouldn't wash my face for days. I love face painting.
And since I've been a "big girl" and a painter, I've wanted to be a face painter. It's like my dream job.
So this year I, work-for-free-Charlie, have volunteered my myself to do facepainting our church's little halloween ho-down. A couple of times in the past I last minute volunteered to do it and I just used the bad supplies they gave me and was totally unprepared (as was my M.O. in college). This year will be different!...well only if they'll let me run it myself, I don't think otherwise they were gonna have it.

And I plan to bring these examples, it makes life easier.


rollerskater said...'re totally a pro if you can do those. i love your little jobs that you do. you rock.

Lani said...

It'll be all I can do to paint a nose and whiskers on Charlie to complete his lion costume. I'm impressed.