Saturday, December 15, 2007

do you know the way to san jose?

I made a travel brochure for my friend who's coming out to visit me next month.
I'm gonna send it n the mail to her, along with 3 mix music/comedy CD's I burned to last her entire flight from Dallas.
I wanted to build the anticipation, as well as give her something to look forward to, in a post holiday relaxation kind of way.

It's silly, but I know she'll appreciate my silliness and I think it was worth staying up until 1:30AM to finish.
I can't take credit for the main mage on the cover, that's by a really great illustrator. But since I'm not selling it, I used it. :)


Trina Merry said...

Obviously you're the best friend ever! =)

ro said...

that is fantastic and she's going to get a kick out of it when she get it. Have I ever told you: I love your giving heart?

Anonymous said...

you are the greatest (in more ways than one)....I'm proud to be your relative.