Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baby Tuesday

Yes, just one photo this week.
But look how much it tells you.
-Baby R is very big
-Baby C got a new pink hoodie
-We have our tree and decorations up
-The tree-tent is finally a success this year.
-Baby C is capable of making the psycho 2 yr old face.
-Baby R has top teeth now (not pictured)

Later on in the week I sewed the rest of the little red puffball trim onto the other side of the table tent, and shzooshzed the top part up so you can't see the ugly plastic tree holder underneath.

Baby C went with me to get our tree, at the local nursery, just like I used to do with my mom. It's not sentimental, but it worked. And the tree guys there were very friendly helpful and shoved it through the sunroof of the Audi for me.

Grandma and Papa Thayer, however, took Baby C for the *real* Christmas tree experience up in Santa Cruz Mountains. I don't think I need to tell you that it was like Christmas Disneyland for her. There were horses and cocoa, need I say more?
She's still talking about it.

Baby C's been learning all about Christmas through some toddler textbooks I bought her on the subject: Biscuit's Scratch and Sniff Christmas, What is Christmas, etc.
None of them are heavy on the Santa Claus part and that's fine with me. I'm avoiding the subject as long as possible. Most of what she knows about St. Nick is from local suburban lawn decor. So far, snowmen have beat out Santa, 2:1.


Trina Merry said...

This is why you are my hero:
1) YOU MADE A TREE TENT!?! I'm coming over!!!
2) Your child only knows about Santa b/c of "suburban lawn decor"... hero-hero-hero! =)
3) Most people would not put a christmas tree in a luxury car- you, however, are not "most people"... the image of it sticking out of the sunroof is priceless...
4) You are now officially linked to MY blog! Woop!

ro said...

the old tree tent...brings tears to my holiday heart everytime.