Thursday, December 06, 2007

zen in Rancho Cordova

Ladies and gentlemen, I am wireless on my laptop in a Starbucks.
I'm very modern.

And slightly disheveled.

I'm in Rancho Cordova, CA the famous home of Blue Cross billing and account management.
'Sitting and waiting for Aurora's plane to arrive in Sac-town, just me myself and I.

The drive up was beautiful. It's amazing how good the East Bay can look with some low lying fog and fall foliage. I thought I'd taken a wrong turn and wound up in Austria.
Despite the new oily-rainy-roads I tried not to white-knuckle it the whole way here. But if I've learned anything from Mythbusters, it's that semi-trucks can and will kill you.
To enhance my interstate travel alertness, I've had inordinate amount of caffeine, which is causing me to feel like I need to hurry off to somewhere--- but I don't!

It's bizarre listening to an interview of a Starbucks employee, a couple of tables away. I imagine she is interviewing for a managerial position, because she's already wearing a green apron and seems to know more than I do about beans and what beans do. I wonder if there's going to be a question about whether the i comes before or after the e in caffeine.
They've discussed the serious matter of muffins more than once, so nothing is out of the realm of possibilities.
--oh-- there was a big round of a applause... I think she got the job...

...speaking of that- A big round of applause for Kevin, in whose capable hands I left our two lovely children. May peace also be with you.
Thanks so much.

My braces are on, and together with my acne, I now look 10 years younger.
No makeup required!

This may be the last unphotoshopped photo of my teeth for the next two years.
They are ugly, but it's okay, I've accepted it.

Over and out!


kevin! said...

rancho-cordova, also the home of a datacenter (big loud room for computers) for a certain company.

Trina Merry said...

Suh-weet! Now we can look 16 together! At last!

Anonymous said...

you are just too cute for words C.A.! say hi to Ro.
Aunt Sandi

ro said...

it has been fun, thanks for coming to hang out with me in sac-town!

KAI said...

ahhh, mythbusters...the only reason for living!!