Sunday, December 02, 2007

stupid fruit

I bought the wrong kind of persimmon.
I have concluded that if there ever was such a thing as a stupid fruit, this is it.
The right kind of persimmons, you can eat like an apple.
They taste good.
You can eat them
But Hachiya persimmons are like the monarch butterfly of tree fruits.
It does not want to be eaten.

So if you bite into it, "it is [as] if you just drank six cups of extra strength tea."

I'm so annoyed with them.
Apparently you can either wait until they get soft as a water balloon or you can freeze and thaw them, to get rid of the tannins.
I think I'll choose the latter, just to punish them for being disorderly.
Also because the former sounds disgusting.

1 comment:

devon said...

yep, supposed to let them get pudding soft before digging in. never been such a fan - i prefer mindless picking through pomegranates for teeny seeds with little bits of meat on them.