Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Baby Tuesday

I made Baby R's stocking (to match Baby C's that I made 2 years ago) so everyone's sock is hung up. I had to reattach the "r" in Baby C's name after I let her play with it. Now she must obsess about the candy that will go in it from afar.
I think maybe in a couple of years I'll redo everyone's including the pets' but for now we're merry with what we've got.

Baby R's looks like it's blue on blue, but it's blue on brown, btw, like you care.

He has a new little baby friend as of yesterday morning, Baby L. Congrats Jon and Bree.
8.6 lbs, breech, one week early and all natural. I think that she should receive a big gold trophy for that performance.

Daddy took these videos while I was away. Baby R loves the cat, so does Baby C actually. I think it's her scarcity...and possibly her lack of smelliness, compared to the dogs.

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ro said...

It took me getting a Christmas vacation to finally watch all the videos. I'm pathetic I know. Anyway, the Kevin-ator does a bang up job of videoing.