Monday, December 17, 2007

Baby Tuesday

Good tidings to you, to you and your friends. It's a holly dandied Baby Tuesday.
Thanks to my unexpected industriousness last week and Christmas in the Park (and a banana happening), there's plenty of produce here to pick from. Fresh from the fields.

Okay let's talk about this first.
People, look at this monstrosity.

I mean, I wanted drums in his room, but I didn't want DRUMS in his room.
The insanity had gone on long enough.
I consulted some drummy people that gave me some advice. And then I got to work!
This was the splendid result:

Oh gosh, just looking at it makes me breathe a sigh of relief.
Now there are just 3 drums, nice and tidy and appropriate for the "little people."

I moved master R's crib from beneath the attic furnace, because no matter how much Kevin assures me that the entire house would have to fall down in order for the furance to come through the ceiling, I'm not taking any chances.

Sigh, that's better. I added some perky little IKEA lights in collaboration with my nifty Danish Jonah and the whale mobile that Sister Celtic gave Baby C.
Can you see the crib bumper I made? It's there, and thank goodness for it, because Baby R already gave himself a black eye in his crib somehow, I guess trying to stand up(?). Who knows how many bruises he would have without it.

Look at them enjoying the new space!
I've stopped telling Baby C to get off that chest. Forget it, I gotta pick my battles.

And now Christmas in the Park:

These antlers were a hit!
Some kids that were there that seemed bored otherwise at the animatronic bears and elves, would yell, "Mommy look! A baby reindeer!!"
He had no clue that anything was on his head.

"Pardon me, did you say I look like a reindeer?"

Mmm park kiosk snacks.

I couldn't persuade Baby C to get out and walk. Not that I really wanted her to, but I wanted her to have fun and I thought walking might help? Guess not.

She did however plead with me to let her out of the stroller to play on the corporate art, after we left the park and were walking back to the car.
Yeah sure, someone might as well have fun on the big granite planter.

A nice Indian dad offred to take our photo after he spotted me trying to take our photo with the timer on the camera.
Thank goodness.
As awkward as this photo is of me (forshortening my legs into tree trunks) I assure you that the one I took with the timer was absolutely disasterous. Braces, nostrils, kids turning to the side, etc. It's bad enough that I'm wearing brown and salmon and furry green boots, right?

My mornings often look something like this, but often Baby R is also in the picture. He slept in this morning.

I love this video. I love her weird expressions and odd comments. I love it because she's like me, and I love me. So I love us.

And speaking of peeking in on my routine, watch this last video.
I filmed the little night owl in the wee hours when he decided it was "morning" since it was A.M.


Trina Merry said...

Yes, baby reindeer would have definitely spiced up christmas in the park for me. I went last night. The highlights were randomly running into my mentor and her friends- that I haven't seen since a christmas party where everyone was drunk and telling me things they really shouldn't (married men... yeesh!)- but they gave me a churro shaped peace offering, so that was cool; and also, we saved a tree by and autism group. It only had lights and a single laminated "ornament" that had been turned around. We thought we should sneak over the fence and help them out. When we turned it over we saw (drawn in crayon) a little anime girl that says "I didn't have enough money to buy drugs so I bought Ice Cream instead". A SINGLE LAMINATED ORNAMENT! We didn't know what to do. Re-flip? See if the animatronics in the electronic train notice? It was a tough call, but we thought we'd leave it and see if anyone else noticed. I was also hoping the screeching hymn animatronic choir would melt and explode like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... but it never did. I think it would have vastly improved the evening, but, ya know, I'm weird like that.

Samantha P.M. said...

Baby R's room looks soooooo much better! I can't wait to visit you guys! When do the "penins" come back to Monterey?

ro said...

1) Wow! The drums have been made sensicle :) His room looks fantastic. And, I like C on the chest :)

2) R in the sweater and the antlers is greatness.

3) I haven't watched the videos yet because school says no to utube, but I will.

ro said...

4)watched the videos, and the one of C is pretty funny. I laughed because she was funny and you were a little stumped, which doesn't happen often.