Wednesday, July 27, 2005

all credit goes to Allison

I already feel a kinship with the author of this book. Just read those few pages. Bless that woman, and heaven help me, I know I'm gonna have to deal with "coddlers" real soon!
If you don't have time to read those pages, here's a quote that made me laugh:
"Time and again I have seen four and five year old children punching their mommies in the face, slapping them across the head, and kicking them in the shins, while the mommies say in a calm gentle voices, "Honey -ow- please don't hit Mommy. Sweetie, please. Honey? What's the matter, honey? Are you having angry feelings, sweetheart? Ow." The mothers continue attempting to soothe the little savages into submission with hugs and kisses, while dodging tiny but vicious blows."


rollerskater said...

i read the excerpt...this book is mine! i love it already!

Pkillur said...

Yeah, it's a bummer how some parents don't respect their kids enough to discipline them. Plus, it's tough man. We have to watch Baby-J a lot in stores and what not because he's so cute that people will just give him stuff that he wants. Classic example: We were at the Old Spaghetti factory and we were waiting for a table to go set down. We were in the loungey-bar area (bottom left if you know the san jose OSF). He looks at this girl and smiles and says "Cheezy bread, cheezy bread" and does his cute jumpy thing. I turn and say, "Dude, you need to wait until we sit down". The girl then proceeds to give him pieces of cheese bread. It was a weird situation, I finally just let him have it, but I was so frustrated. It's amazing how other people can undermine your parental authority.