Tuesday, July 26, 2005

oh san joser

Can you believe it? We beat San Francisco by two spots.
Okay I can believe it. In answer to the titled question "is you city overpriced?"-- YES. Can I just tell you that my boss's house cost 750K, and it's a 2bedroom/1bathroom? Yowza. Nope, no ocean view, no acreage, not even a pool. That's life in the valley. I will withhold how much our modest little home cost, it kinda makes me ill. But I will say that for the same price we could be living in this house in Texas. Ouchie. (Let's give a nice big round of applause it for Kevin and "daddy-Ebay" that made buying a house here possible)
It really doesn't make any sense and people usually only stick around here for a little while before they move away to Nevada or Colorado or even "down south" but they don't mean Alabama, they mean Orange County. (hence all our friends leave!)
It's not that I didn't know that coming here. Thankfully I've lived my whole adult life here, so it doesn't hurt as much as I'm sure it would if I had lived on my own a few years somewhere more logical.
viva la santa clara y san jose, viva el ultraje.


ro said...

Very interesting stuff. Therein lies the reason why, unfortunately, I will never be able to live in Northern CA. However, I looked around on those Forbes pages and found the "more bang for you buck" section. Dallas and Anchorage were on there. I knew I was on to something.

Sam said...

Well just think...a 4 bed, 3 ba w/pool (but NO acreage) in Walnut Creek is going for ~$1.5 mil...ya know...a mansion...right? oh...wait...no...normal house...arg!