Wednesday, July 06, 2005

all night slumber party of one

(see how my title was like a wheel of fotune "before and after" category puzzle?)
Although I feel relatively lethargic during the day, I've gotten into this habit of not-wanting-to-go-to-bed. It's very similar to when I was a kid and wanted to stay up on weekends as late as possible, even if I had to make up stuff to do, other than sleep.
It's a result of many factors:
-I feel like this flopping back and forth from side to side. A bit tough to move 'round.
-On average, I am woken up twice to get up and visit my local toity.
-The cat irks me during night. You see, I sleep in the same bed as her high lord and master and she must pay him allegiance all through the night by walking around and keeping herself clean (with her loud tongue!!).
-I also just wake up randomly and get that internal frenzied feeling like I need to break out of a straight-jacket or in my case, get out bed. I'm gonna guess this is the pre-baby conditioning that old ladies talk about.
All of this does not coax a giant turnip like me to go to bed. Instead I'm left with the bored but lazy feeling.
Que lastima, si? Si.

Like right now, it's 10:15PM, I should go to bed. Because hey, in bed, my thighs wouldn't be adhered by my own sweat to the leather chair. And my underwire could take a break for the night too. The hot laptop should also spur me to action. But it doesn't. Not yet anyway.


rollerskater said...

love the turnip pic! LOL...can't wait (can you hear the sarcasm is my typing?)

rollerskater said...

oh! and great use of the wheel of fortune. have i told you that you've inspired elliott & i to go to TPIR when we're in LA in september? can't wait to see the bob live & in person!

Charlie said...

Yay! Do it, it's so worth it. Be sure to get there really really really early.

ro said...

OK, high lord and master cat alligience part made me laugh. I totally agree with you and the staying up, I mean, I know you like to stay up and so do I. That is totally G$'s influence.