Friday, July 15, 2005

friday afternoon report

This afternoon I went to the pool. A kid puked in the pool. They said "everyone out." So I left.
On the way home I thought, maybe the dogs would like to have their own little pool.
I stopped at a drug store to get one.
I also needed milk.
No milk at the store, but I got the last pool.
I put the pool out. The dogs didn't like it.
I resigned myself to watching Dr. Phil. Re-run.


Sam said...

Return it!! That's easy enough, then you can demand milk!

ro said...

i'm suprised they didn't like it. make 'em like it darn it!

Charlie said...

Kevin came home and decided that treats would make them get in. He was right. :) They don't love it, but they're not afraid of it now.