Monday, July 18, 2005

I want to tell!

Aurora called me today and told me the sonogram results but neither her or Scott have blogged so I guess I'd better zip it until they tell (oh the waiting!)

Today I had another installment of -things I do-:

On Sunday, Kevin and I were excited to have our lunch be simply all the guacamole and chips we could eat. He had his bag of Tostitos and I had my bag of blue corn chips (they're healthier, alright?). I thought for sure I would finish off my whole bag (medium sized!) so I tore it open for easier chip selection access. But I didn't eat them all, and I didn't remove the bag from the table either. Later last night I was using a laptop with the cord trailing over the coffee table, then I handed the laptop to Kevin which made the cord sweep under the bag of chips and tip them out onto the table. I laughed...and again I didn't remove them from the table.
After I finished my lunch today, I looked down at the chips and thought "the dogs would like these." So I made up a mini-game called "get the chips." Very similar to 52 card pick up, but with dogs and chips. I threw them up into the air and onto the carpet, and they, with great deftness, scurried to eat them all up. My little champions.

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