Wednesday, July 20, 2005

social comentary: a little shame, a little glory

I cannot support:
the new Dodge Charger
cell phone mania
Tim McGraw meets Nelly song

But I do support:
the new saturn roadster
Funnel cakes at IHOP and green tea frappuchino
Martha Stewart redeeming herself with a french bulldog


Sam said...

NO! NEVER EVER support know what they did to me...they're bad bad people there...bad...very bad...funnel cakes ANYWHERE I will always support! :)

rollerskater said...

drooling on the keyboard...funnel cakes good! cell phones...OUT OF CONTROL!

ro said...

I ready to try the green tea frap and i LOVE the frenchie on the cover with martha.

Pkillur said...
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Pkillur said...

Dodge = Better than Saturn any day. Although, the Sky looks pretty cool.

Green Tea Frappucino = Too Much Cream

French Bulldog = Very Cool

Cell Phones = A way of life. Crackberry + PK = useless without it. Email, phone, direct connect, internet, blogs, rss, rolodex, good flashlight, AND 8 ounces.