Monday, July 04, 2005

Nothing even remotely related to my life

But I thought this was bizarre, so I'm sharing it:

(from Mercury News)
"Since Katie Holmes became attached with Tom Cruise and the Scientologists, she's not allowed to be alone -- ever. When Holmes accompanied Cruise to a recent taping of ``The View,'' eyebrows were raised when she wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom alone. At one point, Cruise asked where the bathroom was and ``took Katie with him into the men's room,'' an insider told the New York Post. Later, when Holmes needed to go, ``three Scientologists followed her in.'' A rep for the show said, ``We don't follow guests to the bathroom.''"

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rollerskater said...

it is so strange to me that seemingly intelligent people join the world of scientology. if you get a chance, try and catch the "biography" on the subject. 2 interesting things: l. ron hubbard, the founder, began as a sci-fi writer. 2. told a friend that the easiest way to make money was to start a religion.