Thursday, August 11, 2005

could I be a slinger?

The baby sling has always made me nervous. I'm the kind to turn my wrist to look at my watch with a full glass in my hand and dump it on myself, so I fear that I'm the kind of person that could bend over and let a baby tumble out of a sling.
But this page makes me want to try it.
Until I decide, it'll be the baby-pack.


Pkillur said...

Two comments on the whole backpack versus baby sling thing from a Dad's perspective:

Backpack: Awesomely awesome and very manly when the kid can hold their head up. EMPHATIC BUT - Don't do anything remotely householdy like pick up the friggen legos on the floor or vacuum. Thankfully I have crazy fast save-my-kid-from-the-gravity reflexes. Otherwise Baby-J might not be so smart :|

Sling: Just couldn't do it for two reasons. Number one, as someone who freaks out a lot about my kid breathing, when we had him in the sling I'd freak out that he wasn't breathing. Plus in the summer it's like a dang oven on your chest. And unlike the Baby Bjourn that you can adjust to the left or right, your sling has a constant arc. So if you move it, you're only moving it from one hot spot to a moderately less hot spot.

Baby Bjourn: Best of all three options because you can move your little oven from left to right. Also it's easier to protect his / her head from unexpected projectiles and obstacles (something I hadn't considered until you have a newborn with a squishy head). Also, it's compact! The backpack is great when they get a bit heavier, but it's so much bulkier. The baby bjourn was (and I believe still is) in the bottom of the stroller because it takes up like no space.

Final thoughts, if you want to avoid being a coddler, you might want to look into how you're nursing and whatnot. If you're doing the whole PDF / Babywise thing (something I wholeheartedly recommend as a parent of a kid who almost always sleeps from 8-8 because of PDF'ing him [which is parent directed feeding]), the sling is emphatically resisted because it makes it too easy to coddle and breastfeed your kid whenever they make any noises. Sounds hardcore, but you can talk to EK or any smattering of our friends. With exception of ONE person that I know, the Dr. Sears / slinger parents are constantly dealing with sleeping issues and eating issues. Baby-J has SO many issues with eating, I shudder to think what he'd be like if we hadn't been pretty meticulous about his feeding schedule.

Allison said...

I say you get one and practice with Franklin.
And definately wear the flower in your hair like the chick on the website.

Daniel said...

I must agree with the Baby Bjourn recommendation. Now, I have no experience with either a sling or pack but the Baby Bjourn we had was great. It can be configured so they are facing away from you or so they can curl up on you and go to sleep. It's easily adjustable when they grow and as Preston mentioned, takes up zero space. We no longer have ours or I'd mail it to you. Good luck with baby heads!!!

Charlie said...

Thanks you guys, I love the real world feedback, especially Preston, he gets extra credit. :)

Esbee said...

Another Bjorner here. It was kind to my back, too. And my husband and I could change strap settings easily so both of us could use it.

ro said... aren't that clumsy...c'mon. But, the thought is funny. haha