Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm here I'm here

Nope, not birthing, I'm still quite "great with child."
So great in fact that I did have the wedding ring cut off my finger on Wednesday by my friendly neighborhood jeweler. He was very sad for me, it wasn't pretty under there, teetering on gangrene. The finger is healing nicely and I have a fake ring, many sizes larger than the former, all ready to go on it until after my body returns to normal.
I've been enjoying my first week as a haus-frau, stenciling the walls and sorting through all of our crap.
Everyone has been so nice and buying baby supplies for us. I'm really floored at how many people have given us stuff, new stuff. I had to buy three packs of thank you cards! The only things I have left to buy (with my gift cards!) are diaper covers, bottles, and maybe a couple of crib sheets.
(I'm still planning on hitting a couple Goodwill's though, I feel the urge to hunt!)

1 comment:

Charlie said...

Babies R Us showed no luv fo' da diaper covers. Dangit!
But they did stock disposable diapers in the same way they do milk and orange juice in the grocery store.
Pampers fresh from the farm.