Sunday, August 14, 2005

it can't be un-done!

My nightmare came true, Kevin's extended family saw our house-- filthy!
Let's begin with the contents of our house being all scrambled around like the dice in a Yahtzee game because of the construction. Big strike one.
But then it's also messy too, like the kitchen had dishes everywhere from cooking chicken fried steak at 10pm last night and I had to get up really early to volunteer for church this a.m. so no messiness was cleaned up, in fact I added to it, dirty clothes in a wad on the bathroom floor, quasi clean clothes tossed over my mountain of shoe-crates. Bottom line- our house looked like a drug den you might see raided on COPS. All it's missing is a balding guy in a greasy wife beater trying to squeeze his fat gut through a back window.
And they saw it, they saw it all!
(They were down the street at his parents' house for the family baby shower and asked to see the place. I made Kevin show it, I couldn't do it!)


rollerskater said...

you live down the street from your in-laws and you don't want to kill them/yourself? wow...that is pretty amazing. you are my hero.

Charlie said...

Oh yeah, they're a 10 minute walk away. It's a little scary, luckily they go about their business and rarely drop in unannounced.
(Our daughter will go to the same elementary school that Kevin did. :0)