Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Insomnia Blotter

I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and couldn't go back to bed so I came out to watch TV, hoping I could bore myself back to sleep.
It's now 4:30, and everyone in the house including the noctural housecat is sleeping but me. I just heard Mojito dream-bark.

Here are some points of interest of my morning:

A rerun of Conan O'Brien featured Donald Trump as a guest, but I found that I would rather watch commercials on my "flip channel" instead of his interview because he creeps me out. It's the same "run away" feeling I get when I encounter salesmen.
Also on the show, the Bravery. The frontman needed some tea or something, because his voice couldn't hold up, that's gotta be embarrassing.

On COPS a woman in Fort Worth flagged a squad car down to tell him that another woman owed her 20 bucks. Upon further questioning, woman A freely admits that she was trying to buy crack cocaine but was given plaster instead by woman B. Middle of the day, in a residential neighborhood. Crack addicts, gotta love 'em.

The aforementioned cat of ours, who I've been at odds with because she has decided to scratch up the carpet when I lock her out of our room at night, apparently just wants to be near somebody in the wee hours. When I came out, she followed me and laid down next to me. Now I feel a little bad for locking her out, but I'm still gonna do it. No pets in the bed!

A frequent flyer and darling of Celebrity Poker, Mimi Rogers has something about her that makes me want to change the channel. What is it? It's different than the Donald. Whatever it is, I deem her freaky.

I'm gonna give bed another try...

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rollerskater said...

mimi: it's the scientology thing...they're all out of their heads.