Thursday, August 25, 2005

who puts up the money for movies like this?

Kevin likes Starship Troopers. He admits it's not "thinking movie" but he likes it anyway.
Fair enough. It's a dumb movie but I've seen worse.
Then he tells me he recorded Starship Troopers 2 and he expects it to be bad.
So why did I suggest we both watch it?
Such a horrible movie. I haven't really been watching it since the first 10 minutes of giant spider battles, I'm just in the same room listening to the smushing sounds, screams and melodramatic dialog.
I've learned my lesson.


rollerskater said...

man, face off was the WORST! i think i acutally paid money to see that crap. give me back my 5 dollars!

Pkillur said...

For the record, Starship troopers was WAAAAAY worse than face/off.

Christy said...

I liked Face Off.

Christy said...

When I saw Face Off, at the end of the movie I was more like "Face On!"

Daniel said...

First off - Starship Troopers was good! It was really good. Especially if you like Heinlein books. (my humble opinion of course)

And if my humble opion is granted a crack at the WORST Movie ever - That would be 54 starring Mike Myers. That was so awful I wanted to wipe my brain after seeing it.

I did not know they made a ST2 though. I probably won't make it a priority either...