Sunday, August 28, 2005

well enough for an outing

My cold has nestled its way into my chest, which means it's on it's way out. That is to say, I'm feeling better than yesterday. (hooray!)
So we went to Babies R Us. ---B-bum!
I had never been to a baby store before in my life, much less the baby store of all baby stores. I hadn't ever planned on going into one, but I had gift cards burnin' a hole in my pocket.
I expected it to be hellish. It wasn't too bad. I enjoyed the alternative rock music they played, it made me feel better about buying nipples and plastic pants. We also spotted one cool dad in there with his little girl in red hightop converse and another punky mother to be, yay for peers!
I had two gift cards and a few returns, so we had some dough to work with. Please know that I really hate returning gifts, I feel so bad, but this lady who knew me from work obviously spent good money buying some stuff and I knew I wouldn't use it, so I took it back.
I won't do Pooh, I won't.


laura said...

it pleases the soul to know that there are other cool parents out there that will put their kid in converse and dye their hair. phew...yay for punky moms and cool dads!

Pkillur said...
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Pkillur said...

Resist the pooh. Even though resistance might be futile. We tried with Barney and Thomas. So far we have staved off the malefic purple pudgemeister, but failed horribly at Thomas. Thomas is really fun to make fun of though, so it's OK. Something about a Brittish kid singing kids songs makes it not annoying.

Sam said...

Thomas the train? That show is CREEPY...tiny men, trains w/faces that talk but don't move their lips *shudder*

Barney is no better...and just as creepy...and dear lord...Pooh would just DESTROY the design of Cantaloupe's room!

But do tell...what did you purchase?