Thursday, August 11, 2005

I just might do it, don't think I won't.

As soon as I get a grip after the baby is born I plan to start a local Punkymoms group. I was sad to learn that the closest punkymoms group is in Los Angeles so I must start one here, it's only fitting. Plus, Aurora is worried I'm gonna lose my ever-lovin' mind staying at home everyday. She's probably right, and I'm gonna be proactive about a couple of months.


Esbee said...

Boo, the local group here looks tres Stepford: It sounds very "Mommy is the only important aspect of me. And you, too!" The groups with themes (Spanish, book, walking) sound interesting, but none nearby. :(

Charlie said...

yeah, sorry no punkymoms for you either, unless you want to drive to Ohio.

rollerskater said...

i wonder if it's worth the drive to dallas to join my punky moms? i think a local ft. worth chapter is a MUCH better idea!