Saturday, August 06, 2005

Toto, not just a dog, not just a band

It's also a brand of toilet. Coincidentally, it's the brand we bought today for our new bathroom, here. Glorious.
I made Kevin sit on it in the store to try it out, well at least while the salesman was looking at us. But I admit that before the guy came over, I sat on a few toities (with the lid closed, somehow that felt more civilized.)


Allison said...

Hehehe, you made Kevin sit on it

What would the life of a toilet salesman be like? I bet they have some good stories.

Charlie said...

He's actually the guy we bought our tub from, it's a local little pulmbing supply place. Kevin and I were so amazed at how nice he was that we decided to buy most of our stuff from him. We're probably the goofiest customers he's ever had, it seems the rest of his clientelle are mild retired people.