Monday, September 24, 2007

products equal patriotism

Last night and today have been rough on Baby R teething-wise, and consequently rough on us sleep-wise. This fact has nothing to do with the rest of this post.

I feel like sharing my favorite products:

Stoneyfield Farm
I bet Al Gore eats Stoneyfield yogurt too. How can you not love them?
Unless I go to Trader Joes, it's the only brand of yogurt I buy.

Alvarado St. Flax Bread
I don't buy it's because it's low carb necessarily, although that is a bonus.
It's a way to sneak flaxseed (Omega 3 and 6) to my family without anyone complaining about it.
And it doesn't taste like stale biscuits like some other natural breads.

Tillamook Cheese
This is a non-organic exception to my usual M.O. I couldn't find the link to the newspost Kevin I read years ago about it, but apparently you can tour the creamery, etc, etc. It sounded like a fun cheese, and Kevin insists it's superior to other cheeses.

Natural Bacon and Deli Meat
I still haven't made up my mind whether naturally occurring nitrates in celery juice are secretly bad for one's health. But until I find some research, I'll continue to stock up on handy-meats.

Soy Garden
Butter will kill you.
Margarine will also kill you.
And while I try to use olive oil in just about everything that calls for butter or oil, toast and jam do not mix with olives.
So I buy this and it's great, it doesn't taste weird and it goes great in mashed potatoes.

Choice FairTrade Teas
I used to think people in front of me at Starbucks were silly for ordering "grande, double soy ,1/2 foam, 102 degrees, decaf, blah blah."
And now I drink organic fairly traded naturally decaffeinated green tea.
I still tell myself I'm different from those latte people because I just zap mine in the microwave at home in a pyrex measuring cup.

One of Baby C's first words was "puttins."
She loves them, I love them, they're named after one of the cutest birds on the planet, what's not to love?


ro said...

it can be surprising, but it is surely hard to be you

Christy said...

I think the sad thing is I have never heard of any of those foods. But I wish I had, they sound very hip like take your canvas bag to the Whole Foods store hip.

Sara said...

Tillamook really is superior to all domestic cheeses.


Devon said...

haven't tried soy garden but think i will! we LOVE puffins...peanut butter variety especially. anything by barbara's bakery is delicious - shredded spoonfuls are another delight.

try sheep's milk gouda cheese...kind of gets lost in there, but you'll find it, at trader joe's.