Sunday, February 11, 2007

an awful big snip of snail

This is the first time since big-sick-thursday that I've had a chance to post, my apologies.
Here's a nugget of advice to baby parents out there who might be naive like us:
If your baby barfs, even if she doesn't seem sick otherwise, don't share food with her for like, a week.
Because man that bug's bug hit me hard and Mr T even harder. So much so that Grandma Sue had to rescue us and watch the baby for the day.
Then Sandi had to play the role of Kevin at the sonogram appointment.
It was exactly 4 weeks before Baby R is to be born and how- big- is- he-?!
7.5 lbs

Yes, I'm carrying around a baby the size of a full term-er and he's all set n' ready to go. The sono guy said "he has not missed a meal."

Lest you think otherwise, it does feel like he's big. And like it's the end of the road. But his sister fooled me before and the next thing I knew I was way past due and jumping on a mattress to evict her from her little apartment.

The images were very clear, his face, his toes, his hair. I feel proud, like one of those farmers that bring the pumpkins to the fair. Pin a ribbon on this fetus! He's a prize-winner, he is.

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G$ said...

Yea for Ransom! He's almost here. Sorry you guys got sick. In general, don't eat after THEM; let them eat after YOU. Especially if puking is involved!