Monday, February 19, 2007

Baby [Fat ]Tuesday

For Valentines Day, I set her up on a little baby lunch date with two boy babies. It was grapes that brought Baby C and Baby L together. (I think he was the first baby she ever met, about a year ago.)
He was showing her his grape dismantling skills. It was painfully cute watching him feed them to her.

Baby L, you're a little stud.

Then Monday we drove down to the beach to enjoy the "holiday." I understand that in most parts of the country, the weather is miserable. But here it was clear skies and warm enough that most kids had on their swimsuits at the shore.
As you can see, Baby C was more interested in inspecting every stick, rock, and mass of seaweed that she could find in the sand. And oh man, if she finds trash, that's a big deal. It's imperative that I receive the trash and put it away. She can even say "trash" now. I hear it's a phase.

Here I am trying to coax her towards the water.

If anyone doesn't know, the our fair Pacific is cold. (I think people who swim in it are nutz) So the wetter the sand under her feet became, the more suspicious she was of the ocean.

The memory card ran out, but I'll tell you how it ended-- the second her toes touched the water, she screamed in fear and begged to be picked up and taken away. Anyone surprised?


ro said...

awesome pics and much dates and ocean vistas...i wouldn't know you are about to push out a teeny man.

ro said...

did i mention how cute my niece is? each picture reflects someone different...first I see you, then I see kevin, then sue, then me. hee

Sam said...

HA! That's a fabulous outfit! Someone REALLY cool must've given it to her. :)