Saturday, February 17, 2007

why do we do this?

Are you like me?
When you wake up in the morning and are so tired that you feel you've been steamrolled to the mattress, do you make promises to yourself?
"I will take a nap as soon as the opportunity arises. And if nothing less, I will go to bed early."

And then later-- no nap, and you stay up past midnight?

Me too!


I'm so tired right now, but I don't want to lay in bed.
Okay, I know why I don't want to lay down, because I've got a pumpkin stuffed between my liver and small intestines.
But I do need sleep. Rilly-bad.

And what am I gonna do after I publish this post?
Windowshop on eBay.

I'll never learn.


Sam said...

I do the same thing! "It's OK,self, you'll go to bed at 8 tonight and feel better," and I never do, yet I still believe myself every time I talk myself into waking up and going to work.

ro said...

before i had scout, i'd always tell myself I'd nap later in the day. maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't. I mean, I could always "catch up." But, now with Scout, i ALWAYS go to be early because 1)I know I will not get any chances to nap and 2)I'll never have a chance to catch up. Good luck!