Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby Tuesday

We have a stove, people!
We used it for the first time last night.
Okay, Kevin used it. I was very very tired by the time he hooked it up and the baby went to bed.
It's very...flamey.

"Whadya say?" "Don't poke you with the sticks?"

We had to burn a little energy before a meeting at church. A non-kid-friendly meeting in an office with doodads and chachskis everywhere for her to grab and drool on. It's alot to ask from a 16 month old, to be good and quiet and still for an hour and half. She almost made it to the end, thanks to some strategic snackery.
That will probably be the last meeting I can pull off for a long while, seeing that the next one is scheduled after the due date and two babies in a meeting is right out.

Again, with the sticks (plum tree switches).


Sam said...

OMG, i LOVE the pig tails and the moonwalking...there needs to be more footage of the moonwalking!!

G$ said...

Praise God!!! You finally have a stove. It looks cool,but be carefully of the flamies! Yea to Kevin for getting it all together.

pkillur said...

Your retro stove has certainly come around full circle. It looks a lot better than it was when you guys first bought it!

Kristianna said...

I covet your stove! Was good seeing you & C today. :) (Kristianna)