Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Adobe Illustrator should come with blood pressure medication

Oh man, I just barely won a 24hr battle with a banner. It was an incredible wrestling match between objects and layers and paths and tracing and vectors and rasterization and compressing and reformatting and uploading and network errors.

Really, if someone put a blood pressure cuff on my arm right now, they'd probably give me a paper bag to breathe into and ask about salt in my diet.

It was kind of horrifying.
3 days after I receive the my most intimidating design software, I get an assignment to make a 5ft x 8ft banner. It sounded like it wouldn't be a problem.
I mean, I'm a professional, right?

Well when a 24 yr old jr high pastor knows more about my software than I do, I start to doubt myself. I mean, what he advised didn't help at all, but he knew more about the program and I felt like a doof.

It truly took 24 hours to make the banner and upload and order it. It took even more ahead of time just to design it's appearance.

I'm so nervous that it's going to look bad when it comes. After all, I can't exactly print my own proof. And I'm worried it's not going to arrive in time to hang it before saturday services.

Aye aye aye.

I need a cherry bomb.


Devon said...

i loathe illustrator.

i also need to (re)learn it soon and am not happy about it.

good for you for being gutsy and designing the banner - i'm sure it will be fab :o)

Joanne said...

so I'm taking a note next time I order software for you I'm also going to get hard liquor and blood pressure medication.
I'm positive that what ever gets printed will be brilliant!

ro said...

Wow. You just stressed me out. I've never heard of a cherry bomb, but it looks interesting. One day I'll buy you and me one. So, please let me know the dirty details when the banner comes in - good or bad. I'm SURE it will be good.