Thursday, September 25, 2008

this is sleep defiance

When I'm tired I overthink things and then start feeling like I've been hit by a bus.

Do you do that?

Like, every cell in my body is saying "hey stupid! we're tired! go to bed!"

But here I am, because the house is peaceful and I can't fully enjoy the peace if I'm unconscious.

I'm starting to overthink

-should I go out with Trina and Sarah tomorrow night, instead of printing matchbook labels and printing T-shirts?

-should I have agreed to [co-]lead a new small group? Is that going to make life harder?

-should I not be a whimp and pick something easy for my 40 day fast for Beautiful Day?

But no, I'm sticking with the answer "no." To those questions, but since I'm tired I just sit and chew those thoughts over and over like cud in my head.

And this is an advanced photo of me tomorrow morning when my alarm clock goes off.

Not just tired-- hippo tired.

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